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Hi :)

As many of you already know, following extensive research, much pondering, and the incredible results experienced by those who use my Superpower modality, I’ve decided to turn my work with the power of unconditional love into a church.

What? Wait. Why?

The main reasons for my decision:

1.  Developing the skill of living in a state of unconditional love is easier with ongoing support. A church with weekly meetings will provide ongoing hands-on guidance and support for those who wish to improve their lives in this way.

2.  Although unconditional love is the basis of many religions, there is very little practical guidance in how to achieve this state – and maintain it – in the middle of life’s challenges. The mission of the Church of Unconditional Love is to provide realistic, practical guidance in attaining and maintaining this state, as well as using it effectively to make life improvements.

3.  The Church of Unconditional Love is a way of sharing this amazing power with more people freely, since there is no charge, and all are welcome.

Details of the meetings for the Church of Unconditional Love!

Day: Every Saturday

Time: 5pm to 7pm (United Kingdom time)

Place: The Isbourne Holistic Centre, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

What to Expect:

5pm to 6pm

Read through the Mission Statement and Foundation Beliefs.

Topic of the Day – Presentation by Odille on dealing with life’s challenges using the power of unconditional love and FasterEFT.

Practicing the exercises and techniques together, developing the skills of changing limiting subconscious programming, and living in a state of unconditional love.

Q & A and Forum for suggestions.

6pm – 7pm

Tea, coffee, refreshments, and discussions; connecting with like-minded people.

There will also be an opportunity to let us know what you want and need from the church.

What Will You Get from a Church of Unconditional Love Meeting?

1.  A warm welcome, understanding; and a place where you can feel safe, loved, and supported.

2.  Unconditional support, guidance, and help in developing the power to make the changes in your life you wish to make.

3.  New skills for taking control over all areas of your life; increasing peace, love and happiness for yourself and those around you.

4.  An understanding of how and why unconditional love works, and how you can use it as a power and a tool rather than simply an emotion.

5.  Answers to your questions about the power of unconditional love.

6.  The opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

7.  A free printed guide* to take home with you.

8.  Tools you can use and practice during the week, until the next meeting – where you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered and benefit from hands-on help.

9.  Ongoing support from a community that is founded on the power of unconditional love.


How Much Does it Cost?

Nothing. All are welcome to attend our meetings at no charge. Optional donations will be gratefully accepted; however, one of the core rules of this church is that no-one is to feel pressured to contribute more than they can afford and are comfortable contributing, or anything at all. It is perfectly acceptable to ignore the donation plate altogether! 😉

Please visit http://www.meetup.com/The-Church-of-Unconditional-Love/events/233494453/ to register for the event!

Connect with us on Facebook – www.facebook.com/churchofunconditionallove

Join our warm, friendly, supportive online community in the Unconditional Love Forums to meet others who are using their superpower to transform their lives, and get your questions answered. :)



Hi :)

Odille Rault, author, coach, and empowerment coach welcomes you to Your Power! We’d like to introduce you to an amazing power! Once you learn to use it effectively, you’ll feel like a superhero! It really is like having a superhero power. So come in, join us and explore!



 In a Nutshell:

  • Unconditional Love is an empowering biological state, an energy, a vibrational state – a power
  • To learn some of the science behind the power of unconditional love check the page: What is Unconditional Love
  • Using the exercises and techniques Odille has created, you can learn to tune in to that power
  • You can also use these techniques and exercises to develop your skill in using your power
  • As you practice, you’ll master your ability to aim that power at any and all challenges in your life, and transform them
  • This power can be used to change your dominant state to one of love, peace, fearlessness, fun and empowerment
  • It can also be used to create and attract desires, resolve challenges, heal ailments… and just about anything else you choose to use it for
  • There is no limit to what can be achieved using unconditional love as a power


Your superpower, once you learn how to use it, can be used to change all sorts of things, in all areas of your life. It can be used to create and attract what you want in your life, it can be used to change your experience with negative or difficult people, it can be used to get rid of fear, shyness and nervousness, it can be used to improve relationships, finances, health, and work conditions. And as you practice and develop your ability, it will become easier, faster and more powerful. You will get to the point where you can conjure it up in an instant, in the middle of any situation, regardless of how you feel and regardless of what’s going on around you.


The Power of Unconditional Love and Bullying


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Speaking Engagements

Check the Speaking Engagements tab for full details on Odille’s live events.




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