A Teenager’s Journey in Using Unconditional Love as a Power

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Jessica started writing to me in September 2011, having read one of my posts on a forum about using unconditional love as a power. Below is the correspondence between us, from that first message, up to September 2012, by which time she’d achieved extremely impressive results – including physical changes.

Her experience is incredibly inspirational and encouraging, and you can see from her messages, the two main reasons her results were so powerful were:

1. She practised every day.
2. She accepted the time frame. In the beginning, results naturally take longer because you’re still developing your ability. You’ll notice from what Jessica’s written, that her results were slow to show in the beginning, but because she was consistent, and kept practising, she started to seeย faster and faster results.

Jessica has very kindly agreed to my sharing her experience with others. Enjoy! :)


From Jessica to illusions
Sent Sep 21, 2011

Hi, i read ur discussion on “How to Change Other People’s Attitude, Behaviour

and Actions”, i loved it it was so helpful thx so much for posting it!!! i just

got one question its the freewill part

u said that if u send unconditional love and the other person is open to change

then they will change and if their not open then they’ll move on and won’t be in

ur experience, what does it mean by wont be in ur experience? so when they move

on does that mean that their not in ur life? like they moved away or something?

so if theres a girl at school thats doesnt respect me and i want her to respect

me what i do is send unconditional love to her and myself and if shes open to it

she’ll respect me and if shes not open to it she’ll be out of my experience ?

like out of my life so she’ll move away or something? im just confused with the

move on part lol

anyway thx for posting that its really helpful!!!


From Illusions to Jessica
Sent Sep 22, 2011

Hi Jessica :)

I’m so glad you found the post useful. I should really have clarified, what I

mean is that the person won’t necessarilly not be in your life at all, but you

won’t experience the same stuff with them. So, for example:

This girl who is disrespectful to you.

You send unconditional love, first to yourself and then to her (make sure it is

unconditional – in other words, you’re not attached to a particular outcome, so

even if she were to continue being disrespectful, you would still be sending her

unconditional love ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

If she’s open to change, she will change in herself. If she’s not open to

change, she will either not be around you at all (she may move away, or just

synchronicity may mean that you happen to not be in the same place at the same

time), or she won’t be around you when she’s in that frame of mind/mood.

In other words, because YOU are creating and attracting in your own experience,

you will happen to be elsewhere when she’s displaying the behaviour that doesn’t

fit in with the experiences you’re creating for yourself. You won’t need to make

an effort to physically avoid her or anything, it will just be synchronicity and

the way things work out – go with the flow and keep following what feels good.

Does that make sense? Let me know if not. :)

Love and Light and Magic xxx


From Jessica to illusions
Sent Sep 25, 2011

so recently i found out that theres a nasty rumor about me that spread all over

the school and its been getting carried away, like random people would come up

to me in the hallway and just insult me and make fun of me, and i overheard

random kids talking about me i have no idea who some of these people are and

their talking about me and the rumor, so my question is, is it possible to send

unconditional love to all those kids at school? even the ones that i dont know?

i want them to treat me like any other student at the school, i dont want them

to insult me and pick on me, so is it possible to send unconditional love them?

since i dont know who some of these kids are would it be hard to send

unconditional love?


From Illusions to Jessica
Sent Sep 27, 2011

Hi Jessica :)

Yes! Absolutely! You can send unconditional love to anything and everything –

because everything is made of the same stuff you are! Like a model village made

of clay – there are different shapes for the buildings and the people and the

cars and the trees, and you could paint them all different colours. And if you

were inside that village, it would look like everything is different and

separate, but in fact, it’s all made of clay, and it’s all joined up and

connected because it’s all clay.

Quantum science tells us that at the very basic level EVERYTHING is connected.

Everything is made of the same energy and everything is connected. So when you

send unconditional love to anything, it’s not an emotion, it’s a power, and it

doesn’t matter if you’ve never even seen your target before because it/she/he is

connected to you on a fundamental level which is not percevable to the physical


Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes or if you need further clarification.

And well done you for being so advanced at such a young age! You can work magic

in your life through using this power from so early! :)

Love and Light and Magic xxx

From Jessica to illusions
Sent Sep 28, 2011

so i’ve look into unconditional love and i understand how to send unconditional

love to one specific person but how do i send it to a large group of unknown

people? when i’m sending it to a specific person i know my target and it makes

it easier but when i’m sending it to a large group of people then its very

general and its hard to focus i’m a bit confused cause i want to send

unconditional love to the kids at school so they’ll stop making fun of me over

the rumor so how do i do that? do i think of all the kids at school in general

and love all of them for just existing? im kinda lost lol


From Illusions to Jessica
Sent Sep 29, 2011

Good Morning Jessica :)

Here’s the way I do it:

* Before you go to school in the morning, either when you first wake up, or

when you’re in the bath or shower, take a few moments to close your eyes and


* Start with yourself. Imagine a gold light coming down from above you, like a

shower, like you’re standing or sitting or lying in a shower that consists of

gold light energy instead of water.

* Imagine that gold light energy is unconditional love. Imagine it filling you

up with unconditional love, feel love for all the cells in your body, just for

existing. Each cell is working hard, doing its best for the “whole” (you) :)

* Now imagine that gold light energy that has the feeling of unconditional love

starting to radiate out from you and fill the room you’re in. Feel the feeling

of expansion.

* Now imagine seeing yourself in school that day. Doesn’t matter where, and you

don’t have to actually see yourself (depends if you’re a visual person – I’m

more of a feeling person), you can just get a “sense” of seeing yourself at

school if you like.

* Watch that gold energy light shower coming down into “that” you, filling her

up, and expanding out, filling the hall or room, and filling every person in

that hall or room – you don’t have to know who they are, just know there are

people there and whoever they are, they are being filled with this gold light

energy that feels like unconditional love.

* Now imagine that that gold energy light is filling those people no matter

what they’re like. Be aware in your head that even if those people are mean to

you today, that gold light energy of unconditional love will still fill them

anyway. (That’s the unconditional bit lol – and it’s very important).

I do this before each gig, and before any meeting or occasion I’m worried about.

With my gigs, I see myself on stage in the venue (even if I’ve never been to the

venue – it doesn’t matter because it’s just a sense of being there, doesn’t have

to have detail), and I see “that” me being filled with the light, and filling

the whole venue including everyone in it. And then I think to myself even if

they hate my performance, I love them anyway and they are filled with that gold

light energy anyway. And it seems to almost always be a brilliant night with

great people! :) Even when there have been only a very few people, they’ve been

really great. :)

There have been a few times when it’s been a bit blah – where they haven’t been

very enthusiastic, and when that happens, I see the gold energy light right then

in the moment, imagine it filling me up, and then the whole venue including

everyone in it…. and every time I’ve done that, the people have changed and

it’s turned out to be a great night! :)

This looks like a long exercise, but it can actually be very quick – and it gets

quicker the more you do it.

Hope it helps, let me know how it goes. xx


From Jessica to illusions
Sent Jan 15, 2012

Hey we haven’t talked for so long, i haven’t been on here for awhile iv been

busy with school i forgot my password but just recently i found my password in

my super messy room so im back on!!!

Anyway i just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for teaching me

unconditional love!!! My life changed like crazy iv used unconditional love on

so many experiences and it worked 100%, it took a bit time at first but then i

got it and it worked, i changed the way everyone at school treats me(like

everyone) and i got really succesful at everything im in every school activity

the teachers love me the students love me my parantes love me im getting

straight A’s and best of all im not being bullied i changed everyone that didnt

like me before its like im in another world and i love it!

now iv used unconditional love to change people around me and to bring success

my next goal is to change my body, so i looked into it and im starting with my

skin, i want to get rid of the acne scars and to clear up and brighten my facial

skin, but iv been having difficulty with this, i used the same method and i

tried changing my skin but it didnt work, i started yesterday and i kept sending

unconditional love to my skin( i probably did it 5 times so far lol), heres

what i do i send love to my skin then i forget about it and just know that its

going to change and i think this is what i did wrong after awhilei always end up

looking in the mirror for change and i dont see it then i send love again and i

end up looking in the mirror but still theres no change then i get sad lol plus

i have this little worry in my head saying what if it doesnt work so im not that

confident, usually when i sent it to people or situations i just sent it then i

dont really think about it and i know its going to change sometimes i wonder

will it change but it always does im usually very confident and the change is

really fast i see it within days, so my question is can unconditional love work

to change the body? if it does work how come it hasn’t been working is there a

different method to send it or is it because i keep looking in the mirror and

dont have much confident and i expect change? after sending love how should my

attitude be towards my skin? do you have any success stories where people

changed their body through unconditional love?

its funny cause i send unconditional love to people and they change but when i

send love to my own skin it doesnt work lol anyway any advice on this topic

would be helpful and thanks again you’ve really helped me!!! =)


From Illusions to Jessica
Sent Jan 16, 2012

Hi Jessica :)

How Fabulous to hear of your success! Well done you!! :)

About changing your skin: The process is the same, but with physical changes,

our expectations and core beliefs are usually different, which can prove to be

more of a challenge. Still completely possible, just a little more of a


You are spot on with what you’ve said so far, and I have some suggestions that

will help, but I have to take my son to school now, so I’ll continue when I get

back later…. And well done again! I’m so excited for you!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

By the way, would you mind if I use part of your message to share with others

what can be achieved with unconditional love?

Love and Light and Magic xxx


From Illusions to Jessica
Sent Jan 16, 2012

Hello again Jessica :)

Okay, so, about making physical changes using unconditional love…

The tricky bit about using unconditional love to change things is that by its

very nature, unconditional love is not being attached to an outcome. In other

words, for your skin to change, you need to love it exactly as it is right now,

and you need to love it regardless of whether it changes or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s tricky,

but, just like you’ve done with the people in your life, it’s completely do-

able, and just needs practice. :)

I would say, when you look in the mirror, send unconditional love to your skin –

remember, unconditional means you love it just as it is and whether it changes

or not.

Also, bear in mind that it’s probably not going to happen in a day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Apart

from anything else, cells take time to grow. So, if you’re able to manage the

“unconditional” bit – loving your skin as it is and even if it doesn’t change,

it will work, but it will take time. Just like if you want long hair, the nature

of the physical world dictates that it’s not going to happen in a day. It may

grow faster, and it may take a month instead of 6 months to reach your waist,

but it will still take that time. The same if you plant a seed. It needs time to


Most important thing: Practice loving your skin exactly as it is, and even if it

doesn’t change – that’s where the power of unconditional love lies. While you’re

feeling that love regardless of whether your skin changes or not – THAT’s when

you’re chanelling the power, in that moment. :)

Let me know how it goes or if you have any other queries, also if you’re happy

for me to share your story of success with others (I can leave your name out if

you prefer :) )

Love and Light and Magic xxx


From Jessica to illusions
Sent May 3, 2012

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with unconditional love and

physical change

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

so for the past months iv been using unconditional love to make physical changes

and so far theres been a lot of big changes, it took some time but it worked and

now iv noticed its really fast, first my skin completely changed like its

flawless and perfect, for the first two months theres was very small changes but

then all of a sudden my skin started to change quicker week after week my skin

got better in a couple of weeks then later it just became perfect!! i was also

working on my body i wanted to eat anything and not excerise and still stay

skinny and slowly that happened i was able to eat anything and my weight didnt

change before i use to go on this crazy strict diet but now i dont have too, and

the biggest change was my eye sight just a couple of days ago my eye sight got

better overnight, like the night before i used unconditional love then the next

morning my eye sight was 100% perfect, i woke up and everything was clear and

when i put on my my glasses it was blurry so i havent been wearing my glasses

since!!! and everyone noticed the changes people are surprised, my mom was so

shocked when i told her about my eye sight, unconditional love is so cool!!!!

and im curious about this one thing, since unconditional love really helped me

with relations i was wondering if i could use it to help others with their

relations? like one of my friends is new to the school and she gets bullied a

lot so i told her about unconditional love but she doesnt believe it so it is

possible for me to use unconditional love on her so she doesn’t get bullied and

make her likable? since i’m not in the relation and it’s between her and the

students is it still possible for me to make a change in their relationship? i

really want to help her so im curious if that could work


From Illusions to Jessica
Sent May 4, 2012

Hi Jessica :)

It’s lovely to hear from you – and how Fabulous to hear how brilliantly you’re

doing! I’m so impressed and happy to hear you’re achieving such wonderful

results with unconditional love! I have told so many people about using

unconditional love, but very few actually follow it through and use it

consistantly enough to achieve the results they want – you’re a beautiful, shiny

example. :)

Regarding helping your friend – yes, it is absolutely possible – but of course,

as with everything else, the focus is on “unconditional” so you love her and her

situation, and those in her experience, regardless of whether it all changes or

not. Even if she stays exactly as she is, you love her and the whole situation.

Sending unconditional love to her specifically, and consistantly, will

definitely make a massive difference. :)

I’m so proud of you, and so happy for you! And thank you so much for letting me

know how you’re doing – it’s wonderful to get that feedback. :)

Love and Light and Magic xxx


From Jessica to illusions
Sent Aug 22, 2012

Hey i just ordered your book last week and i finished reading it and i love

it!!! theres even a post with our discussion its soo cool thanks so much!! i

just flipped the page and im like “hey thats me!!” lol first time im in a book

it feels so good lol so far i made some other changes i made more physical

changes and i changed my friends problems the cool thing now is i noticed the

changes are a lot faster now i noticed i can make changes within weeks rather

then months, unconditional love is so cool!!


From illusions to Jessica
Sent Aug 23, 2012

Hi Jessica :)

It’s great to hear from you again, and I’m soooooo happy that you’re doing so

well! :) :) :)

And I’m really glad you enjoyed the book you star in! ๐Ÿ˜€ And thank you so much

for letting me share your experiences! I know they are helping a lot of people!

So many people get despondent when they don’t see changes after a period of

time, and your story is so impressive and inspiring that reading it helps a lot

of people to keep going as they can see what’s possible.

Love and Light and Magic xxx


From Jessica to illusions
Sent Aug 23, 2012

Thanks I’m glad this is inspiring lol thanks so much for teaching me

unconditional love i remember when i first started i didnt think i could make

these changes cause i had limiting beliefs but now i noticed i start to think

big!! unconditional love is really powerful it changed the way i think, Thanks

so much!! Love Youuuu!!!


From illusions to Jessica
Sent Sep 9, 2012

Hey Jessica :) Hope all’s still fabulous with you. I have a quick question: I’ve

had someone ask me what physical changes you made, and how long it took. I know

you might not want to share this, but I said I would check with you in case

you’re happy to share the details. This girl is struggling with a skin


Love and Light and Magic… and Appreciation for the Shiny Example You Are! :)


From Jessica to Illusions
Sent Sep 25, 2012

Hey everythings good!! =)

Sure I’d be happy to share the details, so i made a few physical changes first i

started off with skin so i sent unconditional love everyday to my body and skin

and for the first two months i saw some small changes then after i saw big

faster changes my skin changed dramatically week after week, after i worked on

my body i wanted to eat anything and not diet or exercise and i sent

unconditional love and it worked this took three weeks the biggest change was my

eye sight, i sent unconditional love and overnight my vision got perfect!! this

one surprised me!! after i made some small changes i removed a scar on my leg

and i worked on changing my face shape this also took about two weeks, i noticed

when i changed my eye sight i was very positive about the change and had no

resistance so i think thats why it happened overnight, another thing i noticed

was when i tried making my first physical change it took time but after a couple

of months of practice my changes were a lot faster, so yeah those are changes i

did, hope this helped!! Love You!!