Are You Judging Someone for Being Judgemental?

It’s a funny thing, when you think about it. If you’ve made a decision to stop being critical and judgemental, and then you come into contact with someone who is habitually judgemental of others… it’s an automatic, instinctive reaction to consider them “wrong”. But if you are truly being non-judgemental and non-critical, wouldn’t you simply allow them their reactions and opinions regardless of what those may be? Judging the Judgemental


I’ve been practising not judging or criticising – myself as well as others… and then I caught myself in the act of judging someone else for being critical and judgemental.  This person is extremely critical of others, and I found myself noticing that, and unmistakably judging! The idea of not judging or criticising is to become more allowing. That means allowing even those who are doing precisely what you’ve decided you will no longer do.


It’s a fascinating feeling when you choose to not judge the one who is being judgemental, to not criticise the one who is critical. Try it, it’s surprisingly liberating! :)


Use the Non Judgement Day Game to improve your skill. And each time you reset the start time, you’ll find you’re able to last longer and longer. Keep resetting the time and watch your score increase each time you play. Invite a friend to play it with you. It’s fun to compare your times.


Remember: The aim of the game is to see how long you can last without judging or criticising anything or anyone – and that includes yourself and your own actions! 😉


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