Are You Using Social Media to Share Light or Darkness?

Social Media Light or DarkIf you are thinking positively, and focusing on feeling good, and yet you are still not experiencing the life you desire, take notice of your social media activity. What are you posting? What you are sharing and commenting on in social media is where you are putting your energetic focus in that moment. Considering we feed whatever we focus on, it makes sense to make sure that our focus is only on situations and circumstances that match what we want.


If there is something happening in the world that you are not happy about, if there is something you can physically do to change it (donate money, run a rescue mission, or run for office, for example) that’s great. However, if you can’t physically change it, posting about it, commenting on it, and sharing it with others is only feeding the darkness with more darkness. Taking some time to send unconditional love to the situation and everyone involved will help to shine light into the darkness.


Sending unconditional love to a situation will do infinitely more to help, than focusing on how terrible it is.


So, the next time you come across a petition or a post that focuses on anything that you don’t want, instead of spreading that negativity, take a moment to tune in to the power of unconditional love, using the Superpower exercise; fill yourself with that power first, and then aim it at that situation and shine your light! :)


Remember, you are feeding what you are focusing on. Only feed the good stuff. :)


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