3 Steps – Using Your Superpower for Work and Business Success

Using Your Superpower for Success in Work and BusinessWhether you are looking for a job, trying to find new clients, or wanting to improve the circumstances within your workplace, here are the simple steps for using your Superpower to achieve success:



Use the Superpower Exercise to fill yourself with your power first.



Keep yourself filled with that love as you imagine that nothing will change and continue to keep yourself filled with that power – love yourself even if you never get more clients, a job, or improve your work circumstances – keep that energy going. If you lose that feeling, just tune back in – it only takes practice. :) The more you practice, the easier it will get, and the more powerful the results will be.



Now, aim that power at all possible potential clients,or at your current work situation, or people who could hire you, . You don’t necessarily need to know who they are – just think of a crowd of people (without needing to know who they are or what they look like) and fill them with that power, that light, that energy – love them whether they hire you or not; or whether they change or not. Love them just for existing, and no matter what they do. Just keep them filled with that love. See how long you can hold that feeling for.


Practice these three steps at least once a day – preferably in the morning since it will get you off to a great start for the day. Ideally go through these steps several times a day (it takes very little time). The more you do it, the faster the results! :)


Here’s what’s happening on a few different levels when you’re doing this:


  1. We are all connected on a quantum level, so you are making contact with others on that level.


  1. When you are in a vibrational state of unconditional love, you are resonating with everyone else who is a match for that state. This means that not only will you be attracting new clients or a new work situation; the people you do attract will be great to work with! :)


  1. We are all connected to the Universal Consciousness (this is one of the ways in which synchronicity works), and when you want something that involves other people, your subconscious sends signals into the Universal Consciousness. It also picks up signals that match your desire, from the subconscious minds of others. Then, as long as you follow what feels good and you are not blocking your success on some level, circumstances, and hunches, and synchronicity will connect you with those people. The state of unconditional love helps us to keep that signal clear and pure and to keep us clear of blocks.


Using your Superpower for success in work and business only takes practice. That’s all. And you will be astounded at the results! :)