A New Turbo-Boost to Use with Your Superpower



A New Tool to Use with Your Superpower


Have you noticed certain patterns in your life? Do you seem to experience the same theme of problem in certain areas, end up working with or living with people with similar issues? Do you find there are certain habits or reactions you haven’t been able to change in yourself? Or do you have physical illness you haven’t been able to heal?

The great news is, there is something you can do to completely change all aspects of your life – and it needn’t cost anything except a little time and determination. To make this information brief and easy to digest, I’m going to put the main facts in point form, with a link at the end you can click if you would like to continue finding out more about it.


In Brief:


Why Do We Have Problems?

1. From the time we are born, we are absorbing everything we experience, and the subconscious mind records certain information for future reference.

2. As we go through life, in every moment, the subconscious refers back to its records to let the conscious mind and the body know how to react. This is how we learn values, morals, how to walk, how to eat, ride a bike… you get the idea! ūüėČ

3. Regardless of what your problems are right now (whether they’re emotional, physical, relationship issues, work problems, financial challenges…) they are not new. Every problem you have can be traced back to a reference filed in your subconscious; and your subconscious mind is signalling the body and the conscious mind to respond emotionally¬†according to those reverences. We are generally consciously completely unaware of what those references are.

Note: The way we feel affects everything we do, the decisions we make, the action we take (or don’t take), how productive we are, how we eat, how energetic we feel, how we communicate, the opportunities we see (and miss), the risks we take, our perspective of other people and the world around us… and absolutely everything else.

4. We tend to replay previous experiences, which causes the body to respond as if the issue is happening again in that moment – the same chemicals are released, and the same state of stress is produced.

5. Once an incident or event is a memory, we are recreating it ourselves. If someone did something to you that upset you, every time you remember that event and feel those feelings again, it is then you doing it to you. You are then playing the role of the other person (as Robert Smith points out, they can’t fit inside your head – only you are inside your head ūüėČ ). This means they did what they did originally, and now you are continuing to do the same thing (with the same effects) to yourself.

6. All physical ailments are the result of emotional issues. Emotions are chemicals that have been produced by major organs in the body, signalled by the brain.

7. Our emotional responses to experiences and memories in our lives affect the way we behave and the choices we make. They also reinforce beliefs we carry.

For example, if someone believes that dogs are dangerous because they had a frightening experience with a dog when they were very young. When they see a dog, their subconscious will refer to its records, and then signal the organs to produce the chemicals that create the feeling of fear – regardless of whether or not the dog is actually a real threat! When the person feels that fear, they take it as proof that dogs are dangerous. In addition to this, because our clarity of thinking is affected when we are in a state of stress, their actions may not be as sensible or calm as they would be otherwise, and this may lead them to have more bad experiences with dogs… which of course is further proof that dogs are dangerous.

The Great News Is: We have the ability to stop the patterns and change the programming.


The Solution and How it Works:


1. Our emotional responses to experiences and memories are caused by the brain signalling organs to produce specific chemicals. If we disrupt that flow, and effectively block the signal, and then change the chemicals that are produced while thinking of that particular issue or memory, we change the records that the subconscious holds and refers to regarding that particular topic or memory.

2. Robert Smith created a technique called Faster EFT¬†(which is very different to¬†standard EFT)¬†that does exactly that. It interrupts the signal that causes the organs to produce the chemicals that make you feel bad, and replaces them with those that make you feel good. This changes the results you experience in all areas of your life since the way you feel affects everything you do. ūüėÄ


Faster EFT:


You can find out exactly how to use Faster EFT from Robert’s¬†videos¬†on YouTube (there are over 900 of them). Robert’s technique includes using a peaceful memory, and the word “Peace” to bring yourself out of the negative state in between – which is how you reprogram your subconscious to signal your organs to produce feel-good chemicals instead of the stress chemicals.

This is¬†where your Superpower comes in!¬†Use your Superpower as the happy state. If you’ve been practising the¬†Superpower Exercise¬†for a while, you should be able to tune in to that state instantly. This means that in between each round of Faster EFT, you can put your body into the state of unconditional love and compassion (the ultimate feel-good), and so, completely reprogram all bad memories, fears, hurts, physical ailments, relationship issues… and everything else! Try it!


Here’s the most exciting bit: Those of us who have practiced using the Superpower Exercise regularly and have now started using Faster EFT have found that when we have completely cleared a memory or issue¬†using Faster EFT, our bodies automatically go into the state of unconditional love – without our needing to think about it! It is now the default state once the negative stuff has been cleaned :)


Watch¬†Robert’s videos on YouTube, and do the technique with him, using your Superpower to reprogram, and see what happens! :)

I’d love to hear of your experiences with this, so please let me know how it goes for you – either by using the Contact Page here, or on our¬†Unconditional Love Forums.