A Prescription for Fear


Prescription for Fear


This may seem like nothing at first, but keep reading – there is more to it than you might expect…. 😉

The following is a way to not only address fear in the moment, it’s also a tool for reprogramming the pattern of automatic fear…


Bearing in mind that we create and attract everything in our lives, spend some time noticing every good thing you’ve created and attracted for yourself (bear with me – there’s more to it… 😉 )


For example, the fact that it’s not raining when you need to go out; sunshine; a traffic light that turns green as you get to it; the smile from a stranger or a store clerk; getting somewhere on time; catching your train or bus; a butterfly you happen to see; the TV program you like; a convenient parking space; finding something you were looking for; getting a seat on the bus; hearing a song you like on the radio; seeing a cute animal or child; something that makes you laugh…. and the list goes on.


Every single one of those things you notice – recognise that YOU created that for YOU! :) That’s how much the bigger part of you loves you!


As for the “bad” stuff – all of that is only a result of blocking off the good stuff! What you focus on, you feed. When you’re focused on the fact that you missed your train, and not on the fact that it’s not raining, you’re blocking more of the good, and feeding the “bad” – creating more of missed trains and less of not raining. 😉 And very often the things you think are bad will turn out to be good if you remind yourself, you cannot create bad for yourself, even though it might look like bad in the moment.


Here’s an excerpt from  BEYOND THE MAGIC PILL that might help along these lines:


“The following analogy stands for all of the things you’re looking at right now, that appear to be “bad” – lack of money, judgment from others, confrontations, things that appear to be “going wrong” and all other “monsters”.

I’m sure you’ve had times when, lying in bed, in the dark, you’ve seen a shape that you could swear was something – a person, a monster, a…. whatever… but it’s not. It turns out to be a robe hanging on the door, or a lamp – even though, before you switched on the light, you couldn’t think of anything “normal” it could be.

That’s what worries are now. Now that you know you love yourself, although you still “see” a monster, it WILL turn out to be just a robe on the door – or maybe even a person you love – it’s just that they look like a monster in the dark – because you can’t see them properly – and you fear a monster.

As you get closer, and the light increases, you’ll find out that what you thought was something to worry about turns out to be nothing – as you keep reminding yourself that you only create good now. The only thing to fear is fear – because, what you feel is what is creating and attracting. So if you don’t fear, there’s nothing to fear – because you CAN’T create something to fear, without feeling the fear first 😉

And the way to keep from feeling the fear, is to keep reminding yourself: “I love myself, so I now only create and attract situations and people that make me feel good, and that are good for me.” And then look at all the evidence of how much you love yourself – every thing and person that makes you feel good. :)

Trust yourself – you love you. You won’t let anything “bad” happen to you – even though it might look that way until the light comes on ;)”



– Excerpted from “Beyond the Magic Pill


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any queries.
Love and Light and Magic xxx