Developing the Ability to Send Unconditional Love to Anything – Even the Things You Fear!


How to Love Anything UnconditionallyAs we know, unconditional love is not an emotion, it’s a power. It’s the feeling you get when you’re chanelling your power. It’s what your power feels like. Sending unconditional love to the outcome you don’t want has the opposite effect to what you might expect.


When we think about sending love to something we don’t want, there’s a tendency to think that that will encourage more of it. But that’s not how unconditional love works.


Unconditional love is like light. When you shine light on light, it makes the light brighter (When you send unconditional love to what you love, it makes the love stronger), and when you shine light on darkness… it dissolves the darkness and creates light! (When you send unconditional love to something you don’t want, it dissolves it and releases it from your experience. It is no longer being held there by fear or worry or hate or anger… it transforms it just as light transforms darkness).


Having said this, it’s really difficult at first, to send unconditional love to something you don’t want or something you fear, or something that makes you angry or frustrated. But with practice, it becomes really, really easy! So, here’s an exercise to help you develop this ability:


* Do the exercises in the chapter: “You have a Superpower” until you’re full of your power first.


* Send that unconditional love out to someone or something you love or an outcome you want.


* Now pick a small thing that mildly annoys you. Nothing big, maybe a taste you don’t like – sprouts or sour milk – or an irritating song. These are things you’re not trying to change, they just annoy you.


* Imagine your power of unconditional love filling you and spreading out to that thing that annoys you. See that thing being filled with the power. Love that thing even though you don’t like it. Love it because it’s part of the same universal energy that forms the thing you love that you just sent love to. It’s made from the same stuff on a quantum level, and it’s made by the same love and energy. It may be difficult at first, but trust me, it’s perfectly possible, and it becomes so easy with practice.


Do this each day with different things you don’t like. Build up from mildly irritating like tastes and songs, to celebrities and politicians, to people you know who annoy you sometimes … to technical things like a computer that’s always crashing, or a car that keeps breaking down… to news stories that are sad or infuriating… to the outcomes you fear and the things you don’t want in your life.


If you do this in baby steps from the mildly annoying, you’ll get there. And you’ll eventually be able to do what Jesus, and the Buddha, and the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa have all been capable of: To love truly unconditionally, without exception. And that is your power. And you are then in complete control of it.


You need never fear anything again. :)