Five Steps To Making The Right Decision

How to Make the Right Decision


When you have an important decision to make, and you can’t decide which option to go with, here are five steps you can take to find out which is the right choice for you:




  1. Decide not to decide for the moment. Decide to wait a couple of days before making a decision. Naturally, if you don’t have a couple of days, you’ll need to condense these steps down to hours rather than days. 😉


  1. Make sure you’re treating yourself well – remember, this is the control panel for everything in your life. How you treat you (including what you say and think to yourself and about yourself) is setting the controls for what you experience from the world around you.


  1. Do the Superpower exercise – filling yourself with unconditional love for yourself first; then sending it to the situation and everyone involved. Send that energy of unconditional love to all possible scenarios – all of the options you could take, and whatever the results may be – send love to all possibilities regardless.


  1. After two days of this, decide on one option. Don’t do anything about it yet, just “wear” the decision for one day. Decide you are going with that option, and during the day take notice of how you’re feeling.


  1. The next day, decide you are going for the alternative option. Again, for one day “wear” the decision to go with that option; and take notice during the day of how you’re feeling.


You will know by then what the best choice is. 

This process will bring your instinctual knowledge to the surface.

Your subconscious already knows which would be the best option; and this process will bring it to conscious awareness.