Getting Addicted to This Game Can Change Your Life!

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There is a game you can play that will dramatically improve your life experience in all areas as you improve your score. In addition to providing immediate benefits, this simple, fun but challenging game has an accumulative effect – the more you play it and the better you get at it, the greater the real-life rewards.


Many people are hooked on playing various games – on social media, on their smart phones, and on game consoles. One of the reasons for becoming addicted to playing specific games is the “fix” of chemicals that the brain produces when the player achieves a higher score.


Why not get hooked on a game that can completely transform your life as you achieve higher and higher scores! :)


The instructions for the game are below. But first, here is a list of some of the results you can expect from playing the game and increasing your skill as you advance up the levels:


1. An increase in overall happiness

2. A decrease in negative thought patterns

3. Increased feelings of love

4. Higher levels of physical energy

5. Sharper mental focus and concentration

6. Lower levels of stress

7. Increased opportunities, synchronicities, and fortuitous events

8. More meaningful connections with others

9. An increase in productivity

10. Improved social life

11. Improvements in all areas of relationships

12. Improvement in overall health

13. Many, many more benefits you haven’t yet thought of!


These are just a few of the results you will experience over time, if you play the game to win!


Instructions for Playing:

You can play to beat your own score each time; but, like most games, it is more fun if you play against other players. You can invite a friend to play the game with you, or you can join the Unconditional Love Forums, and play against other players there. Look for the forum with the title of the game, and then either join a game that is already in session, with players of the same level – or, start a new game if there isn’t already one running with players of your level.


1. Write down the time.

2. See how long you can last without judging* or criticising anyone or anything (this includes, of course, self-criticism!)

3. When you catch yourself criticising or judging, see if you can stop yourself and change from being critical or judgmental to filling yourself with love. If you can’t manage to change your state, write down the time.

4. The time you lasted is your score. If you started at 10.20am, and at 10.30am you were unable to stop yourself from feeling critical of the fact that you forgot to pay the electricity bill again; or you were unable to stop yourself from feeling annoyed by the people who litter the park while you were walking your dog, your score would be 10. You may decide to play again later that day; and you may be able to last from 12.30pm to 12.53pm before you are unable to stop yourself from being critical or judgmental of something – your score would then be 23 – and so on.


Keep track of your highest score, and aim to improve it. You’ll start to notice a dramatic improvement in all areas of your life as your score improves!


Be vigilant! We are all far more judgmental and critical than we realise! 😉


What to do When You Catch Yourself Being Judgmental or Critical:

1. Notice the negative feeling, and then replace it with unconditional love (you can use the Superpower Exercise to develop this ability).

2. If you find you can’t manage to replace the negative feeling because it is too strong, write down the time and make a note of your score.

3. Love the fact that you weren’t able to replace the negative feeling. 😉


Most importantly: Have Fun!! :)

The more fun you have with this, and the more you play it as a game rather than doing it as a chore, the better you’ll get – and the faster you’ll see results!


Get your questions answered, and find players of your level, in the Judgment Game sub-forum of the Unconditional Love Forums.


Love and Light and Fun!

Odille xxx


* By judging, I mean judging negatively – in other words, you can judge something to be fabulous, but not to be “wrong” or “bad”.