How to Get Others to Love You Unconditionally

How to Get Others to Love You Unconditionally

Everyone wants to be loved unconditionally. It’s a natural, automatic, human desire. But how do you get someone else to love you unconditionally? The answer might be very different to what you may expect.

While many people try to get others to love them unconditionally, either by going out of their way for people – which may lead to being taken advantage of; or by demanding unconditional love from their partners and loved ones; the most effective way to be loved unconditionally is MUCH easier and simpler!


All you need to do to get others to love you unconditionally is for you to love yourself and others unconditionally. Now, this may sound like a tall order, but it is easier and simpler than you may think – with a change in perspective and a simple exercise. Everything you experience in your life starts with how you feel about yourself. If you are critical and judgemental of yourself, you will find that is mirrored in the people and circumstances around you.


Start by practising the Superpower Exercise, and use it to fill yourself with unconditional love for yourself. Then practice aiming it at everyone else around you. It takes practice, just like any skill – but the more you do it, the easier it will become, and the more powerful the results will be. And you will start to notice that others are treating you differently! It really is like magic! Try it, and see!


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Love (unconditional, of course 😉 ) and Light and Magic,