How You Can Change Your DNA Using Unconditional Love!

DNAIt may sound like a far-fetched, dramatic statement, but the latest scientific discoveries in Epigenetics show that we have a lot more control over the expression of our genes than we thought! Research into the effects our emotional states have on the activation of genes in our bodies has shown that we have the power to affect the health of our bodies through emotional state management. This means that we have the potential to empower ourselves to prevent disease as well as heal our bodies, regardless of our genetic heritage.


What is Epigenetics?

The word “epi” means “above”. Scientists used to believe in “genetic control” – that our bodies were controlled by our genetics. This meant that we were powerless to prevent certain conditions within our bodies that were determined by the genes we inherited. Epigentic control means control above the genes. This new discovery means we are no longer powerless against genetics; it means that, with the right knowledge and techniques we have the potential to make changes to the activation of our genes, regardless of the genes we were born with.


Our DNA provides the blueprint for our bodies; and each blueprint has over 30,000 different variations that it can potentially express.  Epigenetics is the study of these variations and how they are activated and deactivated according to the environment (environment being the chemical state of the body). Rather than the DNA changing, it is the expression of that DNA that changes. In short: the way you feel affects the chemical state of your body, which in turn activates certain genes in certain ways, and deactivates others. Your gene expression is directly affected by how you feel.


How Does the Way We Feel Affect Our DNA?

Feeling stressed, anxious, angry, frustrated, worried, resentful, hurt, fearful – and all other negative states – causes the limbic brain to produce corresponding stress chemicals, including cortisol. These chemicals can cause a wide variety of damage within the body, including triggering certain expression within your DNA that can lead to specific health conditions. In contrast, feelings of compassion, kindness and unconditional love produce a different set of chemicals, including oxytocin and endorphins. These chemicals have a very different effect on the body, and trigger different gene expression, leading to a higher level of physical health and protection against disease.


Developing your ability to put your body into a physiological state of unconditional love and compassion on demand, using the Superpower Exercise, will empower you to literally control the expression of your DNA!