Learning to Use Your Superpower


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Did you know you have a Superpower? Just like comic book heroes. Each of us has it, but most don’t know they have it, never mind how to use it.

The method of using this power is very, very simple, but it does take a change in perspective – and it does take practice.



Firstly, your superpower has been disguised and misunderstood. When you are channelling your power the feeling you feel is what we call “unconditional love”. Now that may sound wafty, but just bear with me for a moment.


Here’s an analogy:

When it’s cold, and you switch the heating on, you then feel warmth. The feeling of warmth is just a feeling – it’s a result not a cause. The heating is the cause. You switched the heating on and that made you feel warm. Unconditional love is the result, it’s not the cause. You feel it when you’re channelling your power.

When you stand under the shower, you get wet. The shower is the cause and you only get wet when you stand under it. When you step out of the shower you will eventually dry off.

So it is with your superpower. When you are channelling your power, you feel unconditional love. When you’re not, you don’t feel it. Because we can’t see our power, it’s like not being able to see the water. We move around until we feel wet. 😉

With practice it becomes very easy to instantly channel your Superpower by bringing up that feeling of unconditional love. Then you can aim it at specific situations, people and issues – and it honestly is like magic! For example, if you’re worried about a phone call you have to make, you can conjure up your superpower (and of course, you’ll feel it as unconditional love), and you can aim it at the phone call you’re about to make, as well as the person you’ll be speaking to. The result will ALWAYS be either good, or at the very least nothing to worry about.


How to Develop Your Superpower:

Because we can’t see our Superpower, the best way to conjure it up is by practising conjuring up Unconditional Love – and when we get it right, we’ll be able to tell by how it feels, and will then be able to aim it and use it effectively.

Unconditional Love is of course love without condition. This can be trickier than one might expect at first. But with practice it becomes REALLY easy – because once you have the hang of it, it’s no longer a mental thing – or even an emotional thing – it is literally a Superpower you use rather than an emotion you feel.

But to begin with, in order to reach the point where you can use it in this way, you need to learn to conjure it up using Unconditional Love as an emotion first. So here are some ideas…

You can practice firstly by thinking of someone or something (or even an activity!) that you really love – that you love just because they/it exist/s. Then slowly change that person/ thing in your mind – imagine that the specific things you like are no longer there or are different – and still love that person/thing/activity. Do this one thing at a time, slowly, and make sure you feel that expansive feeling (that’s the feeling of your power physically flowing through you!) before moving on to the next change.


Here’s an example:

I love my son. Not because of any of his characteristics (although I love those about him as well), but just because he’s him. Just because he exists. Now, my son is very positive and enthusiastic, so I start by imagining that he is a bit more laid-back and not responsive. I imagine giving him a gift; and instead of the usual gratitude and excitement, I imagine he just takes it in a non-interested way and without even saying thank you. Now I hold that image of him and consciously feel love and compassion for that version of him, just as it is. And so I work on focusing on feeling love for that version of my son regardless of whether he’s appreciative or not.


Another example:

Perhaps you love a particular holiday spot and would love to go there. Let’s say the Bahamas. You’ve dreamed of going there for a holiday. Now imagine you’ve been told you’ll never go to the Bahamas. You may have other wonderful vacations, but you’ll never in this lifetime visit the Bahamas. Now love the Bahamas anyway. Love it just because it exists, even though you know you’ll never go there. Love that it exists for others, and just for itself.

At first this may seem impossible with certain things or people, but it IS possible (I do it every day with things that seem impossible to love unconditionally and it’s now easy and automatic!) It just takes practice. That’s all. Think of it like learning to ride a bicycle – and each time you don’t manage to feel the feeling, or you lose it, remind yourself you just fell of the bike and you’re still learning, and then get back on! :)

Sometimes you’ll start to feel it and then lose it again – get back on the bike and find it again… and with practice you’ll be able to hold it for longer and longer until it’s literally “on tap” :) Eventually you won’t have to work at it, you won’t have to tryyyy, you’ll be able to literally point, aim and fire it – just like a Superpower! :)


A Daily Exercise for Developing Your Superpower Ability

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1. Pick a time (morning works best because it sets you up perfectly for the rest of the day), when you can sit quietly and undisturbed.


2. Start with your body. Your body is made up of around 50 trillion individual cells. Each one working as an individual within the whole. Doing its own job in order to serve the whole.

Each one has a consciousness. Start by sending Unconditional Love to each of those cells.

All you need to do in order to do this, is to think of those cells with compassion. Love them just for existing. They don’t even have to do anything to deserve your love, you just love them because they are.

This is a little bit like tuning in a radio station – it can take a little while to hit the right vibration…. and when you do, you will feel it physically, in your chest. You’ll feel an expanding feeling. Just like you do when you think of someone you love unconditionally.


3. Once you feel this, the aim is to try and keep it going for as long as you can. As I said before, it’ll be like learning to ride a bicyle – you’ll be on and off, but just keep getting back on, and the more you practice, the longer you’ll be able to hold it at a time.


4. Then move on to people in your life – send this Unconditional Love to a person. Remember, the Power is in the Unconditional bit– Love just for existing, regardless of any outcome or result. Sometimes I sense this Power as a gold light – it may be different for everyone… the important thing is that it’s the feeling of Unconditional Love.


5. Next, move on to things you’re worried about…. to each of these situations, send that Unconditional Love. Love for the situation – Regardless of how it will turn out – that’s the tricky bit – Regardless of how it will turn out! 😉

This is the trick, and it’s what makes all the difference – Love for the situation you’re worried about, regardless of how it will turn out…. what you’re effectively doing there, is channelling your Power (the feeling of Unconditional Love is the feeling of your Power coursing through you!), and aiming it at the situation – and opening up to, and allowing the best possible outcome, regardless of what it is.


Then, no matter what the outcome turns out to be (and it will most of the time be the one you were wanting anyway – as long as you detach from it), it will be perfect for you – often in ways you’d never have dreamed of! 😉


You can aim it at your bank account and/or your wallet and/or money in general. Remember to keep it UNCONDITIONAL – so, not a lot of money, not a healthy bank account, but just money in general, just the very existence of it, even if it never comes your way, just love it for existing; your bank account just for existing – exactly as it is. Just as you would love a baby just because it is. Your child just because he exists. Unconditional Love.


Again, it takes practice. It’s quite a challenge, when we’re worried about something, or when we don’t want something, to send Unconditional Love to it. It’s difficult to not latch onto an outcome…. but in the moment you latch onto a specific outcome, you’re closing off the Power. If you send Conditional Love, instead of Unconditional Love (in other words you are attached to a particular outcome (condition) ) then in that moment, you’ve tuned out… you need to tune back into the Unconditional Love – that is the Power. It’s tricky to begin with, but with practice, it becomes easier and easier!


Using the shower analogy I used above: Because the shower is invisible, you need to keep moving around until you feel wet, and then, if you don’t feel wet anymore you know you’ve stepped out of the shower again; so you need to move around again until you feel wet again… and eventually you’ll learn exactly where the shower is, and you’ll be able to walk into that room anytime, and straight under the shower whenever you want to. Learning to tune in to your Power is the same. 


If you practice every day, preferably in the morning (and you can aim that Power at your whole day ahead of you, and anything specific you’re concerned about coming up that day) you will find you become more and more Powerful, and you get better and better at it. And then, as you go about your day, when something comes up that you’re not happy about, or that bothers you or worries you, conjure up that Power – that feeling of Unconditional Love that you’ve been practising, and aim it at whatever the issue is… you’ll be Amazed at the effect and speed of the results!


child-427257_1280 (2)Remember that it takes practice, so it’s important to be gentle with yourself – just as you would if you were teaching a child to ride a bicycle. Keep practising; keep getting back in line, in tune, in balance in this way.

If you find it difficult to tune in, try using the Beginner’s Exercise – this is an easier way to access your power to find out what it feels like.


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