One Simple, Easy Way to Improve Self-Esteem

One Simple, Easy Way to Improve Self EsteemThe causes of low self-esteem are as varied and individual as the number of people who suffer from it. But whatever the causes, there is one simple, easy thing you can do to improve your self-esteem, that costs nothing and is highly effective. It takes about 10 minutes each morning, and then it’s just a case of remembering. (And I bet you think you know what it is! ;))

There’s no hypnosis or exercises… or mirrors involved! It’s something that, at first, will appear to have nothing to do with self-esteem, but if you bear with me, it’ll all make sense!

Here It Is – One Simple, Easy Step to Improve Self-Esteem…..

Start your day by laughing out loud at something. I know… but bear with me. Starting your day with something that makes you laugh out loud affects your self-esteem and confidence in several ways – with both short term and long term effects.

Laughter triggers the brain to release “feel good” chemicals, including endorphins and dopamine, which …. well, make you feel good of course. 😀 And when you feel good, you’re naturally more confident than you are when you’re not feeling good.

When you feel good you’re likely to handle stress more effectively, you appear more attractive to others, and you’re inclined to make better decisions than when you’re not feeling good. When you’re feeling good, you’re likely to be more aware of opportunities, take more calculated risks, and feel confident enough to take action you wouldn’t otherwise take. In addition to this, a person who’s feeling good has more energy – making them more likely to exercise. And, as if that wasn’t enough, when you’re feeling good, you’re less likely to eat junk food, and more likely to enjoy healthy food.

You can see how all of this contributes to higher self-esteem.

Added to these short-term benefits, are long-term knock-on benefits that can affect all aspects of your life. The chemicals triggered by laughter boost the immune system, decrease the level of stress hormones, and increase energy levels.

Getting a consistent daily shot of “natural feel good” before your day starts will, over time improve your ability to deal with stress and pressure; give the impression to others that you are confident and capable; give you more energy, inspiration and motivation, and even reduce signs of aging. It will also result in your brain forming new pathways which will speed up processing of new information and will therefore result in clearer thinking and an ability to comprehend better.

So, when you get up in the morning, make yourself a cup of whatever it is you like to drink first thing, then log onto YouTube and watch a funny video – perhaps outtakes and bloopers from your favourite TV show, or read a chapter of a funny book, or play a CD by your favourite stand-up comedian. It needs to be something that makes you laugh, rather than just smile.

Then, during the course of the day, especially when you feel stressed, worried or insecure, remember that video or piece you read or whatever it was that made you laugh that morning – remember it, and appreciate it again. Laughing at it in the morning will do a certain amount …. remembering throughout the day will take that further.


This simple, easy step to improve self-esteem does come with one important warning: When enjoying your “laugh-out-loud” moment with your morning tea or coffee, do take care to avoid laughing and swallowing at the same time. That’s a very different experience. 😉