Right Now, You Are Looking At Your Past Creations…


Motivational Poster - Past CreationsThe reality you are experiencing right now is like looking at a star in the night sky. When you look at a star, what you’re seeing is what that star looked like many, many years ago (just how many depends on how far the star is from earth). If a star is 1 million light years away, it means the light from that star has taken 1 million years to reach us. So we’re looking at the light from a million years ago. The star may well no longer be there – it may have burnt out ages ago, but we’ll only know a million years from when that happened! 😉

The sun is about 8 light minutes away – which means, when we look at the sun now, we’re seeing what it looked like 8 minutes ago. If the sun suddenly exploded, we wouldn’t know about it for 8 minutes – we’d only see the event 8 minutes after it happened.

In the same way, what you’re experiencing now in your life was created in the past, and what you’re creating in this moment, you’ll see the effects of in the future. And just as the distance a star is from the earth determines the length of the time delay – how long ago we’re looking at – in the same way there is a variation in time delay of what you create in your life, dependent on a combination of many factors. Sometimes you’ll see the result of your creations almost immediately, mostly the results of what you create will take between a few days and a few months to reach you.

Right now, you’re looking at your past creations.
And right now, how you feel is creating your future.

So make feeling good right now your Top Priority! :)