Smiling: Your Secret Weapon! :)


smiley-427160_1280 (2)Smiling to Feel Good:

Smiling is not just a result of feeling good… it can be a trigger to feeling good.

When you smile, your brain automatically releases “feel good” chemicals. The best part about this is that even a false smile will cause the brain to release these chemicals! Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a real smile and a false grin; it simply responds to the signal that the muscles at the corners of your mouth are turning up.

In other words:

You can smile because you feel happy…. but you can also smile in order to feel happy.

If you smile on purpose, even if you don’t feel like it, the action of turning the corners of your mouth up will trigger the brain to release those chemicals… and your feeling will start to match that action. 

Now, it can feel really, REALLY weird at first – sitting by yourself, grinning creepily; but, you can choose to find it funny (which will release even more of those chemicals that feel good!), and the more you do it, the more “normal” it starts to feel. Eventually you will train your brain to react to worry, frustration and anger by smiling a false smile to feel better.

Try it – it really does work! :)