The 2 Steps for Getting What You Want

2 Steps To Getting What You Want


Here are the two steps to getting what you want:


1. Love yourself
2. Follow what feels good in the moment.


That’s it. Because the outside is a reflection of inside, you will attract people and situations that reflect your beliefs about yourself. And following what feels good is your map to what you want.


Here’s an example of how the second step works:


Jenny wants to meet the man of her dreams. She has already ticked off the first step – she knows she loves herself, and she treats herself the way she’d like to be treated by others. Now, she’s going to follow the second step – she’s decided to follow the treasure hunt trail to what she wants by following what feels good in the moment, even when it seems to have nothing to do with finding the man of her dreams.


One Saturday night, Jenny gets a call from her best friend, Sarah. Sarah wants Jenny to go on a night out with her, to a new club. Jenny doesn’t really feel like going out, she’d been looking forward to curling up with a book she’s enjoying reading. Sarah tells her she’ll never meet the man of her dreams staying at home. She should get out and meet people – he could be right there, at this new club tonight!


Jenny thinks about this, and sees the logic, but she still doesn’t feeeel like going. And if she compares going to the club and staying home reading the book… the idea of staying home feeeeels better – it feels good. If she weren’t following step 2, she’d probably be swayed by Sarah’s logic, and she’d go to the club even though it feels better to stay home. But she’s decided to follow what feels good in the moment, so she stays home.


Jenny curls up with her new book, and it feels great. After a while she feels like a hot chocolate, so she goes through to the kitchen to make one. While she’s waiting for the kettle to boil, she notices the TV guide open on the counter. She glances at it, and sees that her favourite comedy show is on in a few minutes. She realises it would be great to see it – she loves that show… but she really should finish that book – it’s due back at the library on Monday. But the idea of watching the TV show feeeeels better than reading the book in that moment… so she follows what feels good, and watches the TV show while she drinks her hot chocolate.


This episode of the show is set in a ballet school – Jenny used to do ballet, but gave it up … watching this reminds her of how much she loves ballet. It would feel really good to do it again. So she decides to follow what feels good, and the next day she finds a ballet school in her area. When she mentions this to Sarah, Sarah points out that she’s never going to meet the man of her dreams at ballet school. Jenny points out that men do ballet as well… okay, not that many, but those who do are often gorgeous. And anyway, she’s not looking for her man, she’s being led to him by following what feels good in the moment. The treasure hunt trail.


Jenny has her first class on Tuesday night. After her class, on the way home, she stops for gas. There’s a coffee bar next to the gas station, and she really feels like a coffee. She walks into the coffee bar, and there’s a long line of people to be served. She thinks she should go, but she really feels like a coffee – the idea of sitting down with a coffee, even though she has to wait, feels better than leaving. So, she waits in the line. A man arrives and stands behind her in the line. He makes a witty comment about how long the wait is, she turns round and responds…. while they’re waiting in the line, they chat. He tells her that he works nearby. They have coffee together…. and they switch numbers…. and eventually Jenny discovers that this is the man of her dreams.


Every decision Jenny made was based on what felt good – regardless of whether it was logically going to lead her to what she wanted.


If she hadn’t done that, if she’d gone to the club with Sarah, she may or may not have met someone. But it wouldn’t have been this guy. And had she not ended up at the ballet school, she wouldn’t have happened to be at that coffee shop at that time.

Now, she may well have still met this guy – in another way at another time, but it would have taken longer. Although it seemed a complex route, it was in fact the shortest, easiest route to meeting him… and of course the bonus is, she was feeling good and doing what she enjoyed along the way! 😉


There are infinite possibilities and variations on this of course, but if you’re following what feels good in the moment, you’re always on track. And this is the way it works for everything you want. You can’t see the road ahead, so instead of blindly looking for what you want, allow yourself to be led to it.


Follow what feels good in the moment. That’s your navigation system. 😉