Find Hidden Negative Subconscious Beliefs in Three Steps

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If your life is not the way you want it, despite trying to improve it, there have to be hidden subconscious beliefs that are causing the results you are experiencing. In other words, if you are focusing on what you want, and you are doing everything you can to make the changes that will result in your desires; and you find that you are still not experiencing what you want, it means there are negative beliefs you are unaware of hidden in your subconscious programming.


In order to achieve the results you want, you need to clear those beliefs. Now, using your Superpower is the most effective way to do this; however, in some cases, the beliefs are so deep and ingrained that you need to aim your Superpower directly at them. It’s like washing a carpet – you can go over it generally using a carpet cleaner (using the Superpower in general and being in a state of unconditional love) and that will clean it. But if there is a stain, you will need to concentrate the detergent in that specific spot in order to remove it. In the same way, for really ingrained beliefs you will need to aim concentrated unconditional love at them; and in order to do that, you need to know what they are.


How to Find Hidden Subconscious Beliefs


Step One

Write down the pattern in your life that you have been trying to change, but that seems to persist no matter what you do to change it. Describe it in detail, just writing whatever comes into your head. If there is more than one aspect to this pattern, write each under a separate heading.  Write as many headings as you can think of.


Step Two

Under each heading, make a note of your earliest memories of the feelings that go with those patterns.


Step Three

Under each of those notes, write the beliefs that come to mind when you read through the notes.



1: Pattern

I do things that SHOULD bring in money, but they don’t – seemingly against all odds. In other words, they are things that are working for others; or they are things that people rave about – give great feedback etc. – but for some reason they don’t bring in money.


2: Memories of this Pattern

Other people  – them and us. Bonding.

We bonded as a family in being the “underdogs” – there were “it’s alright for them”s out there. And “This family is always being taken for granted…” etc.

Role models – nothing ever worked for Mom and Dad either. We watched them try and try, and fail against all odds! There was always some obstacle or misfortune that resulted in things that worked for other people not working for them.


3: Beliefs

Things that work for other people don’t work for us because we’re different.

Other people are always better off than us.



Dissolving Those Negative Beliefs

Use the Superpower Exercise to fill yourself with unconditional love for yourself, and then aim it at each of those beliefs. Read each belief you have listed, one-at-a-time, and fill that belief with love. Even if you have that belief for the rest of your life; and even if that means you will never get what you want, love that belief anyway (remember, the power is in the unconditional bit). If you find this difficult, remind yourself of the darkness and light analogy – those beliefs are darkness, and your unconditional love is light.


Let us know in the Unconditional Love Forums, how you get on, and if you have any questions or need any help with this process.


Love and Light and Magic

Odille xxx