When You Don’t Have Time for Patience

here-and-now-413091_1280 (2)One of the key ingredients in manifesting what you want in life is…….. patience! ūüėČ As an ex-impatient person, I remember the frustration of knowing that my impatience was delaying my results. I had a keyring made that said “I don’t have time for patience!” – I thought it described me perfectly, in addition to amusing me. ūüėČ


The problem with patience is that it take so long! And the longer you have to wait, the more the feelings of agitation and stress build. Add to this the knowledge that you’re hindering the results you’re looking for (like digging up a seed to see if it’s growing yet) and the stress and frustration doubles!¬†


In order to improve your results, reduce the stress in your life, and maintain your sanity, it is absolutely essential to find a way to develop the superhuman (to some of us) ability to be patient.


What does “being patient” involve?

Rather than suppressing the feelings of impatience, and trying to reason your way through the excruciatingly endless “time lag” effective patience means letting go. Letting go of the outcome, regardless of when it comes – or indeed, whether it comes at all. Wow, that sounds like a tall order! The great news is that it’s perfectly possible. It can also completely transform your results with the LOA as well as improving your quality of life in all areas.


How to Develop Effortless Patience

Do you remember, when you were a child and your birthday, or a vacation, or some other exciting event¬†was two weeks away. You could almost burst with anticipation; the prospect of having to wait that long seemed unbearable. “Why can’t it be now?” and “Are we nearly there yet?”. Now, think about a specific event that was almost impossible to wait for – let’s use a trip to Disney World as an example. So, you’re going to Disney World in two weeks. Each day feels like two weeks in itself.


Now, imagine you receive a phone call to tell you that you’ve won a prize in a competition – a new bike you’ve always wanted, or a computer game you’ve been wanting, or some other special gift. How much less impatient do you feel while you’re playing with your new toy¬†during those two weeks? In fact, for much of that time you may even completely forget about the trip to Disney World because you’re enjoying yourself so much. And when you do remember it, it will be something you’re looking forward to, but you’d be happy to continue enjoying your new toy in the meantime.


Now, think of something you’ve been feeling impatient for recently. Perhaps your desire is to attract your perfect partner, or a dream job, or the house of your dreams. While you’re waaaaaaaaiting for it, feeling impatient, you are energetically¬†digging up the seed to see if it’s growing yet. You’re delaying it. If you distract yourself with other things that feel good – start up a hobby you enjoy; get involved in a cause about which you’re passionate; plan your next vacation – anything that you feel excited about, but that has nothing to do with the thing you’re waiting for, you will find that being patient is automatic.


By doing this, instead of sitting in front of the flower pot, waiting impatiently for the seedling to show above the soil, you are going off to enjoy your life while you wait. This means that instead of suffering the unbearable waiting and feelings of impatience, as long as you water the soil each day (doing things that feel good, and filling yourself with unconditional love¬†is “watering” your creation) you will suddenly notice the green shoot one day – and the wonderful thing is that it will seem to have happened much faster than you expected. It will take you by surprise!


In the meantime:¬†Whenever you think of your desire, think of it as that seed – it’s busy growing beneath the soil, and you can’t hurry it any more than you could hurry a seed. So, you might as well water it with love, and get on with enjoying the rest of your life until it starts to show.


Whenever you feel you don’t have time for patience, take a moment to fill yourself with unconditional love using the Superpower Exercise, and aim that power at whatever it is that is causing your feelings of impatience. It works like magic! And the results will astound you! :)

As always, let me know if you have any questions or need this technique related to a specific challenge.


Love and Light and Magic

Odille xxx