When You Miss Someone (or something)


Ever missed someone? Or something? That feeling of emptiness is very familiar to many of us. This explanation will help you to diminish that empty, achy feeling, and get you back in alignment with feeling good.

Glass of Water


“A Tall Drink of Water”

Imagine a large glass filled with cool, refreshing water. Above it is a tap (faucet) which is always running, keeping that glass full and overflowing – there is an unlimited supply of water and it is eternally running into the glass.

The glass represents the inside of you, and the water is love – the power we call unconditional or divine love. The tap is the Universe or God, or Source, or whatever your name for it is.

Most of us drink water from the glass through straws. In fact, very often there is a shortage of straws, and when we find one, we try to hang on to it. And we’re able to drink the water through it. These straws represent a certain person, material things, or experiences – that make us feel good, and in a state of love.

StrawsWhile we’re with that person or doing that activity, or enjoying that material object, we feel fabulous. But when that person leaves, or ceases to hold us as their object of attention we feel awful. The straw is gone and so we are no longer able to drink the cool, refreshing water. When we lose the material thing that made us feel so good, we feel loss. When we are no longer able to engage in that activity, we feel down. In other words, when the straw is either taken from us, or we lose it, or it breaks, we are no longer able to drink through it, and we believe we no longer have access to the water. And so, we suffer thirst, and feel a longing for the straw through which we can drink the water again.


Drink from the glass!However, the truth is: The glass belongs to us, each of us has such a glass, and we don’t need a straw to drink from it. We have the ability to simply drink directly from the glass! The wonderful feeling you felt while you were with that person, in possession of that object, or taking part in that activity, is available to you directly, without having to go through those “straws”. You can be completely alone, and still tune in to that feeling you had while you were with that person. It only takes practice. That’s all. It may feel impossible right now, but if you were to practice you’d find that not only is it possible, but the more you practice it, the easier it becomes! And you will reach a point where you will be able to, without relying on anything outside of yourself, achieve the same euphoric feeling being in love gives you. You’ll be able to achieve exactly the same physical feeling you associate with an activity you love, or a material object you enjoy. And…. what is most fascinating about this is:
Your brain will produce the same chemicals it produces in each of those situations!


Then, you will be able to enjoy straws simply for a change and because they’re fun… not as your only access to the water. You will be able to enjoy your relationships without being dependent on the other person. You’ll be able to enjoy objects and activities for the fun of them, not because they’re the only things that make you feel good.


Practising the Superpower Exercise (which you can find on the “Exercises and Techniques” page above, and in the video on the right of this page), will help you to tune in to that feeling (drink directly from the glass), and to develop your ability to do this whenever you want to. The more you practice, the faster you’ll be able to get into that state. And the more you practice, the more powerful that energy becomes.


Go ahead, and learn to drink without a straw – you’ll surprise yourself! :)