You Don’t Have to Love Yourself – The TRUTH About Self-Love

boy-69723_1280 (2)We’ve all heard that we should love ourselves. The way that we feel about ourselves, and our beliefs about ourselves affect what we experience in the world around us. But HOW do you love yourself? Most people have been conditioned to not love themselves – in fact, most people have been conditioned to put others first, and to consider themselves less important.


The following phrases are familiar to most of us: “Stop showing off!” “Who do you think you are?” “Don’t be so selfish” “You’re getting too big for your boots”… and so many more. We’ve learned, from a very young age, NOT to love ourselves. We’ve been led to believe that loving yourself is a very bad thing.


However, considering the way we feel about ourselves affects the results we experience in life… how do we change that programming?


The good news is: You Don’t Have to Love Yourself!


You already love yourself. You only need to remember this, and to start recognizing and acknowledging the fact. And as you do so, you’ll start to see more and more evidence of just how much you do already love yourself!


Everything we experience in life is the result of what we have created and attracted – most of it without realizing it. This means that everything good in your life is there because YOU created or attracted it for yourself. And that’s not just a nice thing – it’s evidence of your love for yourself.


Just as we do nice things for people we love, to make them feel good – give them gifts, and other expressions of our love for them – so, we do the same for ourselves. Every good thing in your life is an expression of love from yourself, to yourself. And as you begin to recognize and acknowledge these expressions of love from yourself to yourself, you will find they start to increase in number and size!


Because we have been conditioned to believe that loving ourselves is a bad thing, we block the love we already have for ourselves. This causes our negative experiences. As we start to recognize and acknowledge the expressions of love from ourselves to ourselves, we start to break down that block, and allow more of that love in.


Here’s the Easiest Way to Open Those Blocks and Allow More Love In:

Start noticing the little good things in your lifea sunny day; a bird tweeting; a hug from your child; a smile from a stranger; the fact that you have shoes; the fact that you have internet access; the fact that you have electricity and running water; a convenient parking space; a call from a friend; your favorite song on the radio… the list is endless – start noticing them and recognizing them as expressions of love from yourself to yourself. This is the important bit. This is not an exercise in gratitude; it is an exercise in recognizing just how much you love yourself – to have created and attracted these expressions of love for yourself.


Use the Power Phrase: “Look how much I love myself!” each time you notice one of these expressions of love. It will feel odd at first, but it is an Extremely powerful phrase! Try it, and see! The more you use this, the more powerful the results. You will begin to experience an increase in those expressions of love from yourself to yourself as you allow more and more of them in. And, since the way we feel about ourselves affects what we experience in the world around us and the way others treat us … you will notice a change in the world around you as well!


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