Empowerment Parties


Looking for Something Different, Fun and Transformative to do with Friends?

Here it is!

A fun evening of transformation with like-minded people… in a party atmosphere!








Step One: Invite a few friends over

You could ask each person to bring a dish and something to drink, or you could supply the refreshments yourself.


Step Two: Odille will give a two-hour group coaching session that will inspire, enlighten and empower each person in the group


Step ThreeSocialise, eat, drink, have fun


Optional extra – music/dancing* 


From a coffee morning…







to an afternoon tea party……







to a dinner party…







to a dance-the-night-away party







– and everything in between!



Price: £250* per party.

You can split the cost between you and your guests; or just between the guests since you are hosting. It’s entirely up to you.

*Extra cost for travel further than 20 miles from Gloucester, UK


This is a great way to spend quality, inspirational and uplifting time with your friends. You could combine it with a birthday or any other celebration and go on to party the night away after the session if you like; or simply have delicious in-depth discussions in a supportive, loving atmosphere. It’s also an excellent option for a gift! Instead of buying your loved one a gift this year, treat them to an Empowerment Party!


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Empowerment Party FAQs:


What is an Empowerment Party?

An Empowerment Party is a new way of spending quality time with friends and family while learning powerful new tools and techniques that can help to transform all areas of life. During the 2 hour coaching part of the party, Odille will share a wide range of information, practical tools, advice and techniques. These techniques and tools will depend on the group, the individual participants, and the results they want to achieve. The sessions may include demonstrations of transformational techniques on volunteers (although this is purely optional). If there is time, Odille will happily use these transformational techniques on each individual in the group who would like to benefit from them.

Before and after the coaching session, guests and their host will be able to socialise and enjoy their party and refreshments.


Is there a minimum or maximum limit for the number of guests?

There is no minimum (although you will get more out of it if there are at least three or four of you). The maximum number of participants for a two-hour session is:  12. If you would like to book an Empowerment Party for a larger group, we can arrange for a longer session so that each person is able to get the most out of the experience. Please use the contact page to let us know how many guests you would like to invite and we’ll let you know how long the session will need to be.


How long is the coaching session?

The coaching part of the party is 2 hours (unless you have booked a longer session). You can plan your refreshments and socialising or networking parts of the event around the coaching. We recommend some time before the session (30 minutes or so) for chatting and refreshments, and then the rest of the socialising and refreshments after the session to allow people to relax and let their hair down a little. The way you arrange it will depend on what suits you and your guests.


Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for the coaching; however it is important for the host to take into consideration any privacy issues and to make sure that the mix of guests will be appropriate (no adult content if there are children present, for example).


Do I have to hold the party in my home?

Not at all – you can hold the party wherever you like, provided there is a place where you and your guests can sit and discuss issues without being overheard or disturbed by others. This is important in order to make sure that each participant feels comfortable.


Can I charge my guests for the party?

How you organise the party is entirely up to you. Some people split the costs amongst the guests and ask each person to bring a contribution to food and drinks, with no charge for the host since they’re providing the venue. Others will provide the refreshments and charge each guest a bit more so that they have enough to cover the cost of the food and drinks. Some hosts treat it as an opportunity to provide a service and make a little profit by charging a little extra. It all depends on the individuals.


Do we need to have experience with self-development?

Nope. Odille will cater the coaching session completely to suit you and your guests.


Is it a serious event?

There is always a lot of laughter and fun, even when we are addressing serious topics. The tone of the evening will depend largely on the participants and the challenges they’d like to address; but there is always room for fun and laughter – in fact, it is an important part of the process of healing.


Can we have alcohol at an Empowerment Party?

That will depend entirely on the host. We do advise that you wait until after the coaching session is over before you drink alcohol since you will be able to concentrate better and get more out of the session if you have not had a drink beforehand.


What is the point of an Empowerment Party?

By the end of an Empowerment Party, participants will have new skills, tools, techniques and knowledge that they will be able to develop and continue to use themselves in order to transform challenges and issues in all areas of their lives.


Who is Odille Rault?

Odille is an empowerment coach, inspirational speaker, and author of the books “Beyond the Magic Pill” and “You Have a Superpower”. She specialises in emotional state management, and unconditional love for the self and others. You can find out more about her, and read testimonials from her clients on the website: www.yourselfempowered.com


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* Optional Extra: Music and Dancing after the session

Here’s something you won’t get from other self-development coaches! 😉


Apart from being a coach, author and speaker, Odille is also a professional singer. She performs a wide range of music from Elvis and The Beatles – to Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson.

If you would like her to provide music for your guests to enjoy and dance to once the coaching session is over, you can book her for either 2 x 45 minute sets (£100) or 1 x 45 minute set (£70).

For more information and to see video clips of Odille’s gigs, you can visit:



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