How to Have a Happy Christmas (regardless of circumstances and people)

Merry Christmas! :) 

fire-989869_1920 (1)You have more power over whether or not your Christmas is enjoyable than you may think.

While your circumstances may not be as you want them, and you may not be in the surroundings you wish for, and you may not be with the people you long for, you still have the ability to genuinely enjoy your Christmas! Here’s how…




Points to bear in mind:

1. Where you put your focus determines the way you feel.

2. You have a choice of where to put your focus (even though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes!)


Step One:

Start to notice what you’re thinking about. This is called meta-cognition, and is one of the benefits of being human – we are able to observe ourselves thinking and feeling, which gives us the option to choose to change those thoughts and feelings.


Step Two:

Each time you find yourself thinking about how things used to be, wishing things could be different, thinking about what you’re missing out on, or how things could be different, stop and choose to change your focus. Right there, in the moment.

Choose to use the Superpower exercise and/or the FEFT technique to clear those thoughts and feelings and transform your emotional state to happy. It is a choice. Even though it may not feel like it, you absolutely have the power to choose to think about how cosy you are, how much you appreciate the good things in your life, how much you’re looking forward to seeing a particular movie, how much you’re enjoying a particular book, how much you love a specific song, how relaxing that bubble bath is, how exhilarated you will feel after your walk or work-out, how much you love your pet, how wonderful it is to have electricity and a computer, how many uplifting and funny YouTube videos are available for you to watch… and so on.


It may feel difficult at first because you’re feeling the effects of the stress chemicals in your body that make you feel sad, or lonely, or frustrated, or anxious, or upset, or hurt, or other damaging emotions; but if you decide you want to feel better, you absolutely have the power to do so. Change your focus, and your body and brain will follow, and will produce the endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals that will change the way you feel. You are in control.


Step Three:

Choose to do only what feels good, and use your Superpower ability to fill everyone around you with compassion – it is the most effective anti-dote to all negativity. Treating someone with genuine compassion is the most effective (not to mention fun!) way to take the wind out the sails of a negative, miserable, manipulative or aggressive person. Practice using the Superpower exercise to fill yourself with compassion, and then aim it at everyone around you. In fact, it’s even more effective if you do this before you actually enter the room, and then keep it going while you’re there. If you lose the feeling, just see it as falling off the bicycle, and get right back on as soon as you can – tune back in as soon as you can and practice again. You’ll find you get stronger and it gets easier as you keep practising… and then watch the magic happen around you! 😉


Use your Power to make this your most enjoyable Christmas yet – regardless of what is going on around you! :)


Sending you lots of Love (unconditional of course! 😉 )

Merry Christmas!

Odille xxx

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