How to Help a Negative Loved One

How to Help a Negative Loved One

How to Help a Negative Loved One – Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community

It’s very difficult when we know we could help someone we love but they can’t see what we know to be true. A comment on my post 3 Ways Your Emotional State Affects Your Health from someone who is worried about the effect her mum’s state of mind is having on her health inspired me to write this post since my reply wouldn’t fit in the comment box. ūüėČ


Negativity is like poison to the body, mind and spirit – it literally damages the physical body. Watching someone we love hurting themselves in this way can be frustrating and frightening.¬†Although we can’t force someone to do what’s best for them, here are a few tips that will help:


1. Once you’ve given the person the information that¬†their emotional state is directly affecting their health, don’t mention it again. Trying to convince them doesn’t actually convince them; in fact, it can cause more stress instead, and can cause them to automatically and instinctively “dig their heels in” even more.


2. Be the example. People learn from experience and example far more than they learn from being given information. Shine your light, and theirs will slowly be coaxed to come out too! :)

Here’s a good guide for this: Whenever you find yourself wanting to give your loved-one advice (for example, “don’t be stressed” or “stop worrying” etc.) stop yourself from saying the words; and instead of saying it, demonstrate it by doing what you would like to say.

In other words, instead of saying “You need to stop worrying…” take a deep breath, fill yourself with unconditional love, smile kindly, and relate to the person as if¬†they are already¬†calm and happy.

If you behave as if your loved one is being just as you wish they would be, eventually they will start to “tune in” to you instead of the other way around. :) Just like a tuning fork – make your love, calm, joy and humour the strongest vibration in the room, no matter what is going on, and everyone else will eventually begin to pick up that note. :)

If you find this difficult at first, use the Superpower Exercise (you can find it on my website and that will help you to get yourself into a state of unconditional love and calm regardless of what is going on around you and regardless of your loved one’s current emotional state.


3. Take every opportunity to share funny stuff with your loved one, but without telling them it’s for their health of course. ūüėȬ†Just share things with them that you know they’ll find funny – YouTube videos, something funny that was posted on social media, something you heard or read. But, very importantly, don’t expect them to laugh.¬†

I know that sounds odd because of course you want them to laugh, but know that the person may not feel like laughing – and that’s okay. Keep sharing the funny stuff with them, with no expectations or pressure, just as you would give someone a gift because you love them, without expecting anything in return. This will make a big difference to them beneath the surface; and that will slowly affect them on different layers and levels.


4. Whenever you think of your loved one, and especially when you think of the frustration you feel that they¬†are negatively affecting their health, use the Superpower exercise to get yourself into the state of unconditional love (it won’t matter how you feel or what your thoughts are at the time as the exercise is designed to get you into the physiological state of unconditional love regardless of negative thoughts or current emotions :) ) and then imagine your loved one being filled with that same power. Replace all frustration and fear with that exercise whenever you think of it, and you will be surprised at the results! :)


Responding in this way instead of trying to convince the person to¬†change their¬†state of mind¬†will probably feel counter-intuitive at first; but keep reminding yourself of the darkness and light analogy. The other person’s negative state is darkness, and your love and positivity is light.

Darkness cannot survive in light, but a light can shine in the dark.

Go shine your light! :)


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