“Stop Living in a Fantasy World” – The Reality of Facing Reality

Fantasy vs Reality

The Truth about “Facing Reality”

Have you ever been told to stop living in a fantasy world and face reality? It sounds logical; it sounds like perfectly solid, down-to-earth advice; and you may have struggled to think of a response – especially if it is coming from someone who seems to have all their marbles in a row. However, if we look a little closer at the reality of this “advice” it is not as … well, realistic… as it may appear on the surface.


Let’s look at the reality of facing reality:


When a sculptor has a lump of stone in front of him, were he to “Stop living in a fantasy world, and face reality” he would simply sculpt the stone into the shape of … the stone. The reality he is looking at is stone-shaped. If he is to create a work of art, he HAS to use fantasy in order to imagine his creation – a shape that is impossible to see within the current “reality” – in order to be able to create it.


Picture a garden that is overgrown with weeds. A gardener, if “facing reality” would simply accept and water the weeds. In order to transform the garden from chaos to order, the gardener HAS to have a vision of what it could look like without the weeds and with different plants. It is only by fantasy that we are able to improve on “what is”.


If all humans had accepted the idea of not living in a fantasy world and instead, facing reality, we would still be living in caves. There would certainly be no technology. Every single advancement made by the human race has been as the result of someone “living in a fantasy world”.


Okay, so, maybe it’s acceptable for inventors and pioneers, but what about the average person facing the daily struggles of “regular” life? Is facing reality wise and sensible advice for those of us who are not going to invent the next technological leap for humankind? Well, let’s look at the options on a personal and individual level. In the following example, a regular person has two options: A. Face Reality, and B. Live in a Fantasy World. This example is simplified for clarity, but the implications apply on all levels.


Sally has a problem paying her bills. Her income is not enough to cover all of her living expenses; and she has been using credit cards which she is unable to pay off. This means that the interest is mounting up, and Sally is getting deeper and deeper in debt. She keeps hoping she’ll win the lottery  … Keep Reading


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