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You Have a Superpower Main Forum

General forum for sharing experiences, thoughts and questions on using the power of unconditional love as a tool.


Unconditional Love Success Stories Forum

Share your experiences in using unconditional love to make changes in you life. You can help to inspire others and give encouragement by sharing your own stories. :)


Unconditional Love for Career and Work Forum

You can use your superpower to make changes to your work and career situations and circumstances. Share your experiences using unconditional love as a power for work and career here. If you have work or career issues you would like to resolve using your superpower, ask for help and support here. :)


Odille’s Empowerment Coaching Forum

This is the place for those who have received (or are receiving) Empowerment Coaching from Odille to share their experiences and success stories, and to support each other. It is also the place for those who are interested in receiving coaching to ask for information on it from those who have already received it.


Unconditional Love for Relationships Forum

If you have experience using your superpower in relationships, or you would like advice and support on using your superpower to resolve relationship issues, you’re in the right place! :)


Unconditional Love for Parenting Forum

Need some advice on how to use unconditional love as a parenting tool? Or do you have experience with unconditional love in parenting? Share your questions and supportive answers here. :)


Unconditional Love for Health Forum

Share your stories on using unconditional love for health and healing here. If you have specific health challenges, you can ask for support and advice right here! :)


Using Unconditional Love on Objects Forum

Have you used your superpower on an inanimate object? How about an electrical appliance? Share your experiences here. :)


Law of Attraction Answers Forum

This group is for discussion regarding the Law of Attraction. Ask for support and advice, share your insights and experiences. Remember, the core of the LOA is to feeeeeel good! :) Have fun with it, and see how good you can feel! :)