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Scientist, Gregg Braden explains how the electromagnetic field of the heart affects Reality!

Using the Superpower Exercise to maintain a state of unconditional love is directly affecting the world around you! :)



The Key to End Suffering


This remarkable process can help you to let go of all suffering in your life. From minor irritations to major issues.
The process has been created by Byron Katie, and she shares it, free of charge, on her website:

In this video Katie talks two participants through her process, to resolve a specific issue each. The first participant needs help with her relationship with her mother, who she describes as controlling and manipulative; the second participant has financial struggles.

Watch how each person transforms their state through the simple process of “The Work” by Katie. And while you’re watching, imagine how Supercharged this process becomes when you add the power of unconditional love to it! :) Get yourself into a state of unconditional love, using the Superpower Exercise, and then go through Katie’s process… and watch the Magic happen!

In fact, the statements in step 6 of “The Work” are another way of tapping in to the power of unconditional love! 😉

There is absolutely no reason for you to have any suffering in your life – of any kind – no matter how large or small! :)

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