What is Odille’s Empowerment Coaching?


Empowerment Coaching


While traditional life coaching is a long-term process, Odille’s Empowerment Coaching provides intuitive insight, tools and techniques that empower the individual to continue their transformation on their own. This means significantly less time and money spent on coaching sessions, with faster results!



Loving, Supportive Hand-Holding

Odille provides warm, loving, unconditional support (she is an expert in unconditional love, afterall! 😉 ) in helping her clients to transform their immediate challenges quickly and effectively. Odille is a FasterEFT Practitioner, and uses this powerful, cutting-edge technique to help her clients to make changes to the original cause of their problems, rather than simply trying to treat the symptoms.


Odille’s Empowerment Coaching vs Life Coaching

The main difference between Odille’s Empowerment Coaching and life coaching is that Empowerment Coaching involves a shorter time-frame. Whereas most life coaches will require that you commit to working with them for a minimum of 3 months, with a view to renewing that commitment for up to a year, Odille’s Empowerment Coaching requires no such commitment.

Odille works with clients for a very short period of time, empowering them to continue their development on their own. While Odille is always there if you wish to come back to her for future issues; you will not need to commit to a long period of time in order to gain results.


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Empowerment Coaching


Testimonials from Previous Clients:

“From the first day onwards I was so overwhelmed and moved by Odille’s words and was very sure that whatever methods and ways she is going to share will completely get me out of all the negative issues in my life… I am very glad that I came to know about this marvellous opportunity through my best friend, joined it instantly and got rid of my major issues. For now I am working on the small worries of life through the superpower exercises and getting very good results slowly and steadily. She guided me on a daily basis via e-mail about each and every step that was supposed to be taken at every stage.”


“Odille helped me to overcome my fears of public speaking in preparing me for my best man speech in front of over 100 guests. As a ‘non’ public speaker this was very hard for me to do. She gave me expert tuition tailored to my situation which really helped my confidence in delivering on the big day. Her advice was second to none and without her help I wouldn’t of have had such a great result.”


“Just to let you know that with your help my life has improved immensely over the last few months. I have attracted all sorts of positives to my life such as more money, new friends and much more. Most of all I just want to thank you for all your help. I was in a really bad place when I found you but my general feeling of wellness everyday is such an amazing thing.”


“Working with Odille was great! She taught me an unconditional love process which worked like magic! I was nervous when I first started but she explained everything clearly and took it step by step. She was very positive and always added encouragement to everything. I was also able to ask any questions without any hesitation and everything was explained perfectly.”


“After working with her my entire life changed, everything turned around and life started to work in my favor. Miracles started to happen in my life that I never thought would. I began to have a new perspective on life. The experience I had was truly amazing and life changing.”


“I am so grateful to you for the amazing support you’ve shown me and the way you explain things so clearly. The exercises you gave me to do were amazing and really helped. Noone else seems to understand. Everyone else was telling me to forget it. Without your guidance I would have given up, but instead I’m happier than I have ever been before. Thank you.”

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