What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love is an EnergyMost of us are used to thinking of unconditional love as an emotion. To most people, unconditional love is a passive emotion. A soft and fluffy, warm and fuzzy feeling associated primarily with mothers. In fact, it is far from passive. It is the most powerful tool I’ve found, and the answer to everything!  :) It’s an energy, a power, a tangible force. And it directly affects the world around us. – Odille Rault


More Than an Emotion

Unconditional love is the name given to the sensation we feel when we’re filled with our own power – life force energy, or Source/ God/ The Divine/ The Universe. It is also the energy of which everything and everyone is made.


The Science Behind the Power of Unconditional Love

When I first discovered this incredible power, back in 2010, I had no scientific knowledge of the subject, and my faith in it was based purely on my own logic, and my experience with it. As I shared it with others, I developed the techniques that made it easier to practice and improve the skill of using it. Over the last couple of years, I have come across more and more scientific information and evidence that support what I have been teaching. So, for those who would like a more scientific explanation for the power of unconditional love, here’s a taste! 😉 – Odille Rault


The power we call unconditional love works on several different levels, including: quantum science; neuroscience; biological; and perfectly down-to-earth logic! :)


Here is a brief explanation of how this power works on each of these levels. In her live sessions, Odille goes into greater detail on each one.


A Brief Explanation of How Unconditional Love Works – Quantum Science:

1. Experiments in quantum science have shown that everything and everyone in the universe is connected on a quantum level.

2. Scientist, Gregg Braden describes two specific experiments that show how human DNA changes the arrangement of photons (light particles, the building blocks of our world), and how our feelings change the shape of our DNA. You can find out more about these experiments in Gregg Braden’s Book: The Divine Matrix, or in his YouTube videos: Gregg Braden – Vladimir Poponin DNA Experiment and The Divine Matrix – Human Emotions can Change DNA (this particular information is at 18:18 and 39.20 into the video).

Considering just these two points, it is clear how, on a quantum level, how we feel affects the world around us. Being in a state of unconditional love means affecting that world in a positive, empowering way, on that level.


A Brief Explanation of How Unconditional Love Works – Neuroscience:

Again, this is very brief and simplistic – Odille explains it in more detail in her live sessions.

1. The thoughts we have create connections between nerve cells in the neocortex of the brain. These connections cause the limbic brain (chemical brain) to produce matching chemicals – which give us the sensations of matching emotions.

2. When the same connection is made regularly and consistently, it becomes “wired” – making it a more permanent connection, which allows the information to be transferred faster. This is how we learn intellectually. In addition to this, the chemical reaction becomes a habit, and the reptilian brain becomes programmed with it – at which point the response and behavior become automatic.

3. When a connection is no longer being used, it weakens, and those neurons eventually disconnect.


To change negative and destructive habits and patterns:

Choosing a state of compassion and unconditional love (using the Superpower Exercise) over the habitual anger, resentment, frustration and other emotional responses, means creating new connections in the neocortex, a new set of chemicals, and programming the reptilian brain with a new response. With practice and consistency, the old connections break away, leaving the compassion and unconditional love as the automatic response.


For more detailed information on how this works, watch neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s videos: Dr. Joe Dispenza TED Talk and Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind or read his book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.


A Brief Explanation of How Unconditional Love Works – Biology:

When we feel compassion, unconditional love and kindness, the brain produces a cocktail of “feel good” chemicals, including oxytocin. Apart from making us feel good, these chemicals have a powerful effect on the body. They help to reduce stress chemicals, help to boost the immune system, affect the functions of our DNA (epigenetics), and improve the functions of our cells. In addition to this, as oxytocin travels through the blood stream, it is absorbed within the blood vessels, creating a chemical that dilates the blood vesselslowering blood pressure and helping to reduce hardening of the arteries and heart disease.

For more detail on how this works, see the work of David Hamilton PHD and watch his video: The Science of Kindness.


A Brief Explanation of How Unconditional Love Works – Perfectly Down-to-Earth Logic 😉


The way we feel affects everything we do. It affects the choices we make; the decisions we make; the action we take (or don’t take), the opportunities we see and miss; the way we communicate; the way we relate to others; the way in which we handle stress; how productive we are; our problem-solving ability; our physical energy; the way we eat; and so much more!


You can see how all of this leads to the results we experience in all areas of our lives – from health and relationships to career and finances. You are more likely to eat healthily and avoid junk food when you are feeling good, than when you are feeling bad. You are more likely to have the energy to exercise when you are feeling good, than when you are feeling bad. You are more likely to take advantage of opportunities, notice solutions, get on with others…. and the list goes on… when you are feeling good than when you are feeling bad.


Being able to put your body into a physiological state of unconditional love on demand, regardless of how you are currently feeling, means you can change the way you feel without needing to try to reason and use positive thinking – which in turn affects the results you will experience in all areas of your life.


The Superpower Exercise trains you in the skill of putting your body into a chemical state of unconditional love and compassion without the need to change your thoughts. This means that no matter how angry, frustrated, worried, stressed, or hurt you are, you can change your state physiologically… which will change how you feel… and your thinking, along with your behavior, choices and action (and in turn, your results) will change as a result of that!