Why You Keep Breaking Your New Year’s Resolutions


Are you still making resolutions at the beginning of each year? Or have you given up the practice because you find yourself feeling worse when you break them… again?
From stopping smoking, eating more healthily, and starting a new exercise routine to taking more action towards your goals and responding differently when your buttons are pressed, of the resolutions you’ve made over the years, can you remember how many you’ve been able to keep? How long did they last?


There’s a key piece of information that can help you to not only understand why you keep breaking your resolutions, but what you can do to make sure that you make those transformations permanent this time!


It’s Not Your Decision!

It may seem like you are making your choices and decisions consciously in the moment; but the truth is, it is your subconscious that prompts your body to cause you to make decisions based on programming.


Here are a few examples:


If you are used to eating potato chips when you get back from work in the evenings to comfort and reward yourself for a hard day’s work, you are no longer making that choice consciously. Your brain is now wired to signal your body to prompt you to choose the potato chips when you get home. You will find that your body is expecting that snack at that time. There is a physical connection in your brain between the time, the environment, and that particular food.


If you find you tend to feel anxious when you are faced with having to make a presentation, the anxiety you feel at that time is not unique to that moment. Through past experience (often experience you have consciously forgotten or would not notice a connection to) your brain has connected the act of speaking in front of a group, or having people watch you, or being the centre of attention (or other aspects of the activity) with being at risk or threatened in some way. The feeling of anxiety is your body’s “fight, freeze or flight” response; and as far as your body and brain are concerned the prospect of making the presentation is every bit as much of a threat to your life as a real life predator. Your conscious mind knows that making the presentation won’t kill you; but your subconscious mind is unable to reason, and is programmed to signal your body to respond with this emergency state in this situation.


If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise regularly, and you find you have to force yourself to get out for a run or to go to the gym, again this response is not unique to that moment. There is a connection in your brain between exercise and something negative. The specific negative state that is connected to the idea of exercise will be unique to you and your life experience. But you will find that no matter how determined you are, how much will power you use, and how many steps you take to stick to your decision, your brain and body will eventually convince your conscious mind to give up. Certainly, you will never consistently look forward to that exercise – unless, of course, you change the programming.



The great news is: The programming can be changed. It can be changed fairly quickly and easily.



The even better news is: Once you change the programming, you will automatically maintain the new behaviour and choices. You won’t have to force yourself, you won’t need to use will power or determination, or any other methods of making yourself do something you don’t want to do, or stopping yourself from doing what you desperately crave to do.


Changing the programming will mean you feel the same urge to do the new behaviour that you felt to do the old – because your subconscious will now be signalling your body to prompt you to want to do the new behaviour. In other words, you will find yourself disinterested in those potato chips, but really looking forward to going out for that run!


Trying to stick to New Year resolutions without changing the way your brain is wired is like trying to push a shopping cart with a wonky wheel – you know, the one that keeps veering off to one side when you’re trying to push it in a straight line? As long as that wheel is wonky, you’ll need to fight with the cart to keep it going in the direction you want it to go.

But, once you change that wheel – and put a new wheel in its place – then the cart will automatically go in any direction you choose to push it! It’s the same with your subconscious. Change the “wonky” programming, and your brain and body will automatically respond to your new decisions and choices, without your needing to push! 😉


The fastest, easiest way I’ve found to reprogram those subconscious patterns is a combination of the Superpower Exercise and FasterEFT – using these two techniques together is incredibly effective!


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