You’re Sitting On It!


TVFor some people, hearing that they are responsible for everything that happens to them in life means they are to blame for all of the bad stuff that happens. This is one way to look at it, and it is a natural initial assumption. However, the truth is more like the TV remote control. The remote control changes the channels, volume and other factors relating to what you see on your TV screen. If what is showing on your TV is not what you want to watch, you start looking around for the remote control. If you don’t know where it is, you may understandably assume that someone else in the room is hogging it, and that it is they who are responsible for what you are seeing on the screen.


You may try to convince them to change the channel; and they will probably argue that they either cannot change it, don’t want to change it, or have no idea what you are talking about. The truth is, they are looking at a different screen.; and the remote control they are holding will only work on the TV they are watching, it has no effect on yours even if they do try to change your channel for you.


What you may not realize is that you are the only person who has access to the remote control for the TV you are watching. This means that as long as you can figure out where that remote control is, and how to use it, you can change the channel as you wish. The fact that you don’t know where the remote control is (or even that you have one) means that the channels on your TV are not your fault; but it also means that when you do find that remote and figure out how to use it, you have complete control over what you are watching on that TV. As long as you have your remote control in your hand and know how to use it, you get to choose. No-one else can use your remote control, which means that no-one else can change your channels.


So, why are you watching programs that you don’t want to watch? Why can’t you change the channel? And where is that remote control?


You’re sitting on it. That’s really the only explanation. You’re sitting on it, but you don’t know that you’re sitting on it. And each time you move, you randomly and unknowingly press various buttons, that result in the unwanted channels on the TV you’re watching. This is not your fault of course – you’re not sitting on it on purpose; but it means that when you finally realize that you’re sitting on it, and you pick it up and learn how to use it, you will have complete control over what you watch on that TV.


Life is exactly the same. Yes, the results we see in our lives are a direct result of the settings on our own remote controls, but for those who are sitting on their remote control and don’t realize it even exists, never mind where it is or how to use it, these results are not their fault, they are just a consequence of the unfortunate position of their butt. (Okay, that’s not an ideal analogy, but you get the idea).


Rather than being an accusation and assignment of blame, finding out that everything in your life is a result of nothing and no-one but you,  is in fact the most empowering realization you could ever experience. It is the equivalent of being told that although you thought someone else had the remote control to your life, and you were at their mercy, YOU have the remote control, and no-one else can use it. Then it’s just a case of locating the damn thing and figuring out how to use it! 😉 “You Have a Superpower” is the most effective way I’ve found to find and learn to use your remote control to change the channel of your life to whatever it is you choose.


As always, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Love and Light and Magic xxx


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